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Property Damage Appraisals & Mediation

     If you are looking for an appraiser and/or a chartered umpire, and you're not looking for one who is simply going to find a happy medium between the feuding parties. You want someone who is going to look at the facts and make the right decision, not just try and make both sides grudgingly agree.


     We are unbiased appraisers and chartered umpires who will look at the facts, and make the right decisions. If there is damage to be accounted for that is repairable, it should be repaired. If it can't be repaired, it should be replaced. As simple as that. We take our work seriously and strive to provide the best and fairest mediation and appraisals in the industry. If you are looking for a fair and unbiased opinion, choose Exact Claim Solutions.


Don't want to end up in a fight, to begin with? or looking for a second opinion? or maybe needing an estimate produced for your damages?

     You can also book our services before an appraisal begins, so we can follow along and step in only if needed. This can stop problems before they become a huge mess, and make for a smooth and easy process.  This consultation will be an unbiased opinion about the steps you should take in your case.


     We can take a look at your current situation and advise you on what if any steps should be taken.  We can also provide a very detailed comprehensive estimate to be used in the process should you chose to go at it on your own.  

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, or via email.

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